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Kermit Project Timeline

Frank da Cruz
Most recent update: 13 September 2023
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On 1 October 2011, the Kermit Project became 100% Open Source and moved from Columbia University to kermitproject.org. The original Kermit Project website and software archive as of that date remains available at www.columbia.edu/kermit. Newer releases are served from kermitproject.org.


[ 2023 ]

This year's goal is a final release of C-Kermit (10.0) for Unix, VMS, and (this is new) MS Windows before turning further development over to the Open Source community at large on Github, where Alpha and Beta tests have been mirrored since early 2022. Note: Unix = Linux, *BSD, Mac OS, Android, etc (see long list).

[ 2022 ]

Work begins on a major new release of C-Kermit for Unix, VMS, and Microsoft Windows.

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[ 2018-2019 ]

(Not much, except that various Kermit project pages were translated into into different languages, mainly the home page and the About Kermit page.)

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Effective October 1, 2011, the Kermit website at Columbia University is “frozen” and will change no longer. The new Kermit Project website is now http://www.kermitproject.org, hosted by Panix.com in New York City. The new Kermit site is only for active projects: C-Kermit for Unix and VMS, E-Kermit for embedding, and Kermit 95 for Windows. For other platforms, information and software will remain available at the Columbia University Kermit website and software archive for the foreseeable future. My thanks to Panix Public Access Network Systems on behalf of Kermit users and developers everywhere for hosting the new site.

Note that about 600 web pages have to be updated to account for the new hosting, URL, and situation; it will take some time to iron out all the links and kinks. Also note that even then, some links will continue to point to the Columbia site because the new site does not house the "historic" Kermit programs, nor the enormous library of C-Kermit and other Kermit software binaries. The new site is primarily for new developments, and primarily for those who can deal with source code.

Some other websites of mine, not directly related to Kermit, that were previously housed in the Columbia Kermit website have been moved to new locations where I can still maintain them; the old URls should redirect automatically to the new locations:

—Frank da Cruz, 23 August 2011

Kermit News ceased publication with Number 6, March 1995. Too expensive! All news can now be found on the Kermit website. To see Kermit News #6 and previous issues, CLICK HERE.

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