Newport News Virginia New Deal Projects

Newport News is near Hampton; its main feature is its massive shipyard where two World War II aircraft carriers were built with New Deal Public Works Administration funding, as were various other projects (yet to be definitively identified) including a stadium, a high school, expansion of several other schools, plus waterworks and tanks, an incinerator, and harbor improvements. And that's only the PWA. Meanwhile, nearby Aberdeen Gardens (another New Deal project) was initially home mainly to Newport News shipyard workers. Photos by George and Connie Gilmer, 2017, except where indicated otherwise.

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Newport News Shipyard

shipyard03 shipyard01 shipyard02 shipyard05 shipyard07 shipyard06 shipyard10 shipyard11 shipyard12 shipyard14

Federal Building

federalbuilding01 federalbuilding03 federalbuilding20 federalbuilding21 federalbuilding22 federalbuilding04 federalbuilding08 federalbuilding06 annex01 annex04 annex08 annex11 annex13

60th Street Elevated Water Tank

watertower01 watertower06 watertower02 watertower03 watertower05 watertower14 watertower04

Ferguson Park

fergusonpark01 fergusonpark02
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