Newport News Virginia New Deal Projects - Photo #25 - 60th Street Elevated Water Tank

Photo: Google Satellite View, March 2016; accessed 20 July 2017.
Water tower on Warwick Boulevard between 59th and 60th Streets. ”The buildings and the [round] tank [to the upper left in the picture] were once part of an administration and operations complex that existed on the site for many years (the round structure ... is our [3-million gallon] 60th Street Ground Tank). Waterworks' operations were gradually moved to other locations; the last of our employees were relocated from this facility in 2014 ... The ground storage tank was not a PWA project. It was originally built circa 1918-19, when Newport News became a Point of Embarkation for the military during WWI. The ground storage tank was repaired and an 11-stall brick garage was built on the 60th street property during the mid-1930s; however, it is unclear in the Waterworks history (from which I've taken much of this information) if these were PWA-funded projects. The building that later housed the Engineering and Billing Departments was not constructed until 1946.”[1]
  1. Correspondence, Water Resources Coordinator, Newport News Waterworks, 25 July 2017.