Newport News Virginia New Deal Projects - Photo #1 - Newport News Shipyard

Image: Google Satellite View, 2017, accessed 19 July 2017.
Newport News Shipbuilding, a private shipyard where the Public Works Administration financed the construction of two aircraft carriers — the Yorktown and the Enterprise — in the 1930s, which played key roles in the Pacific in World War II. According to references below, the New Deal also was responsible significant improvements to the shipyard itself.
  1. Building the Navy's Bases in World War II: History of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and the Civil Engineer Corps, 1940-1946, Part II, The Continental Bases, Department of the Navy Bureau of Yards and Docks. Accessed at 20 July 2017. Many millions of dollars, referred to in this document as "public works". Whether this qualifies as New Deal is fine point; it's public money spent labor and material to improve existing shipyards. In any case there are two explicit references to the WPA in the document; the one on page 60 stating that in 1938 WPA Projects were added as a new subdivision of the federal Bureau of Yards and Docks. And on p.24 it notes that "such work as could be done" in 1935 was financed (in part) by "funds provided in FDR's 1935 Emergency Relief Appropriation Act, which was New Deal legislation.
  2. Part II of the same document, p.168: "a considerable amount of work ... was accomplished during this period, partly under naval public work appropriations, but principally through allocations from National Industrial Recovery Administration, Civil Works Administration, Works Progress Administration, and Public Works Administration appropriations for unemployment relief during the Depression. Subsequent events demonstrated beyond question the wisdom of this constructive and effective use of relief funds. Without the rehabilitation, modernization, and improvements that were accomplished in this manner, the navy yards would have been critically unprepared for the emergency [Pearl Harbor]."
  3. Fix, William A., Always Good Ships: Histories of Newport News Ships (1986), 387 pages.