Using C-Kermit figures

Figures from Using C-Kermit, Second Edition, by Frank da Cruz and Christine M. Gianone, Digital Press (1997).
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Chapter 1 - Introduction

fig_1_1 fig_1_2 fig_1_3 fig_1_4

Chapter 3 - Making Serial-Port and Modem Connections

fig_3_1 fig_3_2 fig_3_3 fig_3_4 fig_3_5

Chapter 8 - Terminal Connection

fig_8_1 fig_8_2 telnetsong_1 telnetsong_2

Chapter 9 - The Basics of File Transfer

fig_9_1 fig_9_2 fig_9_3 fig_9_4 fig_9_5

Chapter 10 - Solving File Transfer Problems

fig_10_1 fig_10_2

Chapter 12 - High-Speed Kermit File Transfer

fig_12_1 fig_12_2 fig_12_3

Chapter 16 - International Character Sets

fig_16_1 fig_16_2 fig_16_3 fig_16_4

Chapter 18 - Programming Commands


Chapter 19 - Script Programming

fig_19_1 fig_19_2 fig_19_3

Appendix 2 - A Condensed Guide to Serial Communications

fig_a2_1 fig_a2_2 fig_a2_3 fig_a2_4 fig_a2_5 fig_a2_6

Appendix 7 - Character Set Tables


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