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Jackie Robinson Park and Pool

Frank da Cruz, Bronx NY, 10 August 2018
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Jackie Robinson Park is an immense 10-block-long installation in Harlem, New York City, originally called Colonial Park (officially, but people in the neighborhood called it Bradhurst Park). In the mid-1930s a massive two-year-long New Deal construction project transformed a little-used bare-bones park into a world-class swimming and recreation complex for the long-underserved people of Harlem. The result, originally called Colonial Play Center, included a huge swimming pool, an equally huge bathhouse and recreation center, a diving pool, a bandshell with a large outdoor terrace for dancing, a playground for small children, a wading pool and bathhouse for older children, athletic fields and game courts for teens and grownups, and natural parkland. It made an enormous difference in the lives of Harlem residents, especially in the blistering heat of Summer 1936. In 1978 the park's name was changed to honor Jackie Robinson. In 2007 it was designated a New York City landmark. In March 2022 new historical marker acknowledging the WPA was installed by Parks Department at the Play Center's main entrance.

New Deal Medallion installed August 2020
New Deal Medallion
New Deal Medallion installed August 2020
Closer view
NYC New Deal Medallion
Closer view
Even though this park, swimming pool, and recreation center were designed, paid for, and built by Federal New Deal agencies of the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, there was no plaque, cornerstone, or other marker anywhere in or around the park or its buildings crediting the New Deal in any way for this magnificent community resource. However, thanks to the work of the New York City Chapter of Living New Deal, small New Deal medallions have been temporarily mounted at New York City's 12 WPA swimming pools like the ones shown at left (photos by Peggy Crane); see story. This site was not unique in this respect; most New Deal creations in New York City lack New Deal markers for the reasons explained HERE. Click the first image below to start your tour of this WPA masterpiece from Great Depression, when the US government worked for the people instead of against us.

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colonialpark000 colonialpark002 colonialpark004 colonialpark006 colonialpark008 colonialpark010 colonialpark012 colonialpark014 colonialpark016

Colonial Park before WPA

colonialpark100 colonialpark102 colonialpark104 colonialpark106

WPA Swimming pool

colonialpark200 colonialpark202 colonialpool4k colonialpark208 colonialpark210 colonialpark212 colonialpark214 colonialpark216 colonialpark218 colonialpark220

Historic pool photos by WPA Federal Art Project

colonialpark300 colonialpark302 colonialpark304 colonialpark306 colonialpark308 colonialpark310 colonialpark312 colonialpark314

WPA Recreation Center

colonialpark400 colonialpark402 colonialpark404 colonialpark406 colonialpark408 colonialpark410 colonialpark412 colonialpark414 colonialpark416 colonialpark418 colonialpark420 colonialpark422 colonialpark424 colonialpark426 colonialpark428 colonialpark430 colonialpark432 colonialpark434 colonialpark436

WPA Bandshell and dance area

colonialpark500 colonialpark502 colonialpark504 colonialpark506 colonialpark508 colonialpark510 colonialpark512 colonialpark514

WPA Playground One Forty Nine

colonialpark600 colonialpark602 colonialpark604 colonialpark606 colonialpark608

WPA Athletic field and game courts

colonialpark700 colonialpark702 colonialpark704 colonialpark706

WPA Wading pool

colonialpark800 colonialpark802 colonialpark804 colonialpark806 colonialpark808

Other WPA-improved areas

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