CKW screenshots - C-Kermit 10.0 for Windows

Screenshots of C-Kermit 10.0 for Windows (currently in Beta test) by David Goodwin and Frank da Cruz. Gallery by the C-Kermit photogallery script. The final group shows the forthcoming Beta.06 running on Windows NT on several long-forgotten hardware platforms: DEC Alpha AXP, MIPS, and the IBM PowerPC. The two groups above that show CKW 10.0 Beta.05 (July 2023) on nine different Windows platforms, old and new.

Last update: Tue Aug 29 13:50:37 2023

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linux startup-b3 dropdown dropdown-encoding help help2 ubuntu markmode utf8 beloezlato tallscreen ftscreen livingcomputers unixv7build ckwdialer console ckwinckw bbs fedworld colors nt351 win7 ckwnt310 os2 asciiart firewall ckwwindows ckw-gcc

CKW Beta.05 on different Windows versions

nt350-x86-32 nt351-x86-32 nt4tse-x86-32 win95sp1-console winme win98se xp-sp3-x86-32 2000-x86-32 win7-x64 win8-x64 vista-x64 win10-x64 windows11

CKW Beta.05 on IBM OS/2

os2-2_0 os2-2_1 os2-warp3 os2-warp4

CKW (next Beta) on Alpha, MIPS, and PowerPC; new: 20 August 2023

alpha mips powerpc

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