CKW screenshots - C-Kermit 10.0 for Windows - Photo #13

Uploading a C-Kermit source file to, where C-Kermit can be built on a variety of old Unix platforms: SunOS, SVR3, Unix V7, 4.3BSD, etc. This illustrates CKW's ability to have different fore- and background colors for different hosts that you use. The "set terminal color terminal-screen" command has a limited repertoir:

 black         dgray         lightgray     magenta
 blue          green         lightgreen    red
 brown         lightblue     lightmagenta  white
 cyan          lightcyan     lightred      yellow

But there is a way to change any of these colors to have different RGB (Red-Green-Blue) values. In this case we redefine darkgray and brown as follows:

set gui rgbcolor darkgray 40 60 70      # Background: dark greenish gray
set gui rgbcolor brown 60 100 50        # Background: Lincoln green
set term width 80                       # Screen dimensions: 80 chars wide
set term font courier_new 10            # Font and point size
set command color white darkgray        # Command screen color
set term color term white brown         # Terminal screen color

The modified darkgrey color is shown above and the modified brown color is shown in the next screen.