Photogallery 3.00 demonstration page

This is a Photogallery gallery's main page with clickable thumbnails of the gallery images on it and this text on top, which contains a German phrase: "Grüße aus Köln!" and a Russian one: "Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!". In order to show text in different scripts, e.g. Roman and Cyrillic, the index.txt file (where this paragraph came from) is encoded in UTF-8. The gallery was built using this PARAMS file and this IMAGES file. The PARAMS file does not declare the character encoding, so Photogallery correctly identified it as UTF-8. The images below are JPG, PNG, and GIF of all different sizes and ages, and and two of the GIFs are animated. The IMAGES file shows all different spellings for JPG and GIF, and also includes one file, "dscf 0275-2.jpg", that has a space in its name. These are all new capabilities of Photogallery 3.00. As of 13 July 2020, this gallery (newly rebuilt with Photogallery 3.05) also lets you navigate with arrow keys.

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20130320134806 Img_1839 IMG_0040 USSR biplane giphy dscf 0275-2 dscf0611 00-engine--70--b engine70house1939 hunter-lehman_waves cloudsea koelncathedral oval_park:30

Created by Photogallery 3.05 July 13, 2020