New Mexico New Deal Sites November 2018 - Photo #178 - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Photo: Google satellite view looking northeast
University of New Mexico Zimmerman Library, PWA 1936-1938, which includes two subsequent additions, 1963-67 and 1973-1976. "Zimmerman Library exemplifies the university's popular image as a 'pueblo on the mesa,' and is generally considered one of John Gaw Meem's finest works. Built with federal funding during the depths of the Great Depression, the meticulously crafted building also set a standard for the Spanish-Pueblo Style that would prove impossible to duplicate on the campus after World War II. In January 1936, the Public Works Administration approved funds for four new buildings at the University of New Mexico, including a central library to be built at a cost of $370,000. University president James Fulton Zimmerman had been consulting with Meem since 1935, and the architect provided preliminary plans at no fee, on the condition that he get the contract if the application for federal funding proved successful. Meem got the contract for all four buildings in February 1936 and completed the plans for the library the following August."[1]
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