New Mexico New Deal Sites November 2018 - Photo #210 - Albuquerque Roosevelt Park

Photo: The Albuquerque Museum PA1983.1.602
"Roosevelt Park under construction with New Deal funding, Southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico, begun November 1933. Originally known as Terrace Park, the park in southeast Albuquerque was later named in honor of President Roosevelt, whose New Deal programs brought so many jobs and so much federal funding to New Mexico. Over 275 previously unemployed workers vastly improved their community with this valuable project. By 1935, Roosevelt Park had been transformed from an empty garbage-strewn lot to a thirteen-acre park with rolling hills and over 200 elm trees. It remains one of Albuquerque's largest and most beautiful parks, especially after a $2.4 million renovation in 2004."[1]
  1. Richard Melzer, New Mexico: A Celebration of the Land of Enchantment, Gibbs Smith (2001).