Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #13 - Bridges, highways, and tunnels

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
The Lincoln Tunnel Ventilator Building on the west side of 12th Avenue at 39th Street was designed by Aymar Embury II[1].
  1. Route 9A Reconstruction Project Environmental Impact Statement for the NYS DOT and Federal Highway Administration, Hartgen Archeological Associates Inc. and Allee King Rosen & Fleming, Inc., May 1993, Appendix C, p.C-30: Cultural Resources: "The Lincoln Tunnel Ventilator (No.36) ... [was] designed by Aymar Embury II [and] constructed as part of the original tube of the Lincoln Tunnel, completed in 1937 ... On November 20, 1989, SHPO determined the Lincoln Tunnel Ventilator Structure is eligible for listing on the State and National Registers of Historic Places."