Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #11 - Bridges, highways, and tunnels

Photo: Short & Brown, Public Buildings, US Government Printing Office (1939) p.547.
The Lincoln Tunnel, connecting 39th Street in Manhattan with Weehawken, New Jersey. The chief architect was Aymar Embury II[1,2].
  1. Aymar Embury II Papers, Syracuse University: Embury was "architect and supervisor of a design and construction team that executed more than six hundred projects for the city of New York, including the Triborough Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Henry Hudson Memorial Bridge, the Whitestone Bridge, the Rainbow Bridge, the Jamaica Bay Bridge and The Port of New York Authority Terminal Building."
  2. Affidavit of Aymar Embury, Supreme Court of the State of New York, index No.34547-1941, sworn to the 3rd day of September, 1942: "In the course of my experience I have been retained as Consulting Architect with respect to public improvements: the Triborough Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel, The Manhattan achorage and approaches to the George Washington Bridge, and many others."