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Kermit and MIME Character-Set Names

Frank da Cruz
27 September 2011
Last update: Wed Jun 28 19:36:54 2023
See Using C-Kermit, Chapter 16, for an explanation of the terminology. MIME character-set names were added to C-Kermit in version 9.0. These are simply synonyms for the Kermit names (which predate MIME); wherever you see a MIME name in this table, it can be used in place of the corresponding Kermit name. Of course you can use the Kermit name too; for example ARABIC-ISO and ISO-8859-6 are two names for the same character set. For an illustration of why MIME names are important, see this page. For key, see below the table

C-Kermit's character sets
F T L R Type Kermit Name MIME Name Description
      S ARABIC-ISO ISO-8859-6 ISO 8859-6 Latin/Arabic
    7 BRITISH ISO646-GB ISO 646 British version
  P BULGARIA-PC   Bulgaria Cyrillic Code Page
    7 CANADIAN-FRENCH ISO646-CA Canadian French NRC
  P CP437 IBM437 Original PC Code Page
    S CP813   PC CP 813 (ISO Latin/Greek)
    S CP819 ISO-8859-1 PC CP 819 English and West European
  P CP850 IBM850 PC CP 850 (PC "Multilingual")
  P CP852   PC CP 852 (PC Latin 2)
  P CP855   PC CP 855 (PC Cyrillic)
    P CP857 ISO-8859-5 PC CP 857 (PC Latin 5 Cyrillic)
  P CP858   PC CP 858 (= CP850 with Euro)
  P CP862 IBM862 PC CP 862 (PC Hebrew)
    P CP864   PC CP 864 (PC Arabic)
  P CP866 IBM866 PC CP 866 (PC Russian)
  P CP869 IBM869 PC CP 869 (PC Greek)
    S CP912 ISO-8859-2 PC CP 912 (ISO Latin 2) Eastern Europe Roman
    S CP913 ISO-8859-3 PC CP 913 (ISO Latin 3) Southern Europe Roman
    S CP914 ISO-8859-4 PC CP 914 (ISO Latin 4) Baltic
    S CP915 ISO-8859-5 PC CP 915 (ISO Latin/Cyrillic)
    S CP916 ISO-8859-8 PC CP 916 (ISO Latin/Hebrew)
    S CP920 ISO-8859-9 PC CP 920 (ISO Latin 5) Turkish
    S CP923   PC CP 923 (ISO 8859-15 Latin 9)
    W CP1051   Windows HP Roman8
    W CP1089   Windows Latin/Arabic
  W CP1250 WINDOWS-1250 Windows Latin 2
  W CP1251 WINDOWS-1251 Windows Latin/Cyrillic
  W CP1252 WINDOWS-1252 Windows Latin 1
    W CP1253   Windows Latin/Greek
    W CP1254   Windows Turkish
    W CP1255   Windows Latin/Hebrew
    W CP1256   Windows Arabic
    W CP1257   Windows Latin 4
    W CP1258   Windows Viet Nam
    8 CP10000   Windows Macintosh
  S CYRILLIC-ISO ISO 8859-5 ISO 8859-5 Latin/Cryillic
    7 DANISH ISO646-DK ISO 646 Danish Version
      M DEC-KANJI   DEC Kanji (Japanese)
    8 DEC-MCS DEC-MCS DEC Multinational
      B DEC-SPECIAL   DEC Special
      B DEC-TECHNICAL   DEC Technical
    8 DG-INTERNATIONAL   Data General International
      B DG-LINEDRAWING   Data General Line Drawing
      B DG-SPECIALGRAPHICS   Data General Special Graphics
      B DG-WORDPROCESSING   Data General Word Processing
    7 DUTCH   Dutch NRC
    7 ELOT927-GREEK   Uppercase-only Roman/Greek
  S ELOT928-GREEK ISO-8859-7 Same as ISO Latin/Greek
    M EUC-JP EUC-JP JIS X 0208 + JIS X 0201
    7 FINNISH ISO646-FI Finnish NRC
    7 FRENCH ISO646-FR ISO 646 French Version
    7 GERMAN ISO646-DE ISO 646 German Version
  S GREEK-ISO ISO-8859-7 ISO 8859-7 Latin/Greek
    7 HEBREW-7   VT100 7-bit Hebrew
  S HEBREW-ISO ISO-8859-8 ISO 8859-8 Latin/Hebrew
      B HP-LINE-DRAWING   Hewlett Packard Line Drawing
      B HP-MATH-TECHNICAL   Hewlett Packard Math / Technical
    8 HP-ROMAN8   Hewlett Packard Roman8
    7 HUNGARIAN ISO646-HU ISO 646 Hungarian Version
      M ISO2022JP   (Equivalent to JIS7)
    7 ITALIAN ISO646-IT ISO 646 Italian Version
      7 JAPANESE-ROMAN ISO646-JP JIS X 201 Roman
      M JIS7-KANJI   JIS X 0208 7-bit encoding
      7 KATAKANA   JIS X 201 Katakana
    8 KOI8-CRYILLIC KOI8-E GOST 19768-74 Roman / Cyrillic
    8 KOI8R KOI8-R KOI8-Russia (RFC1489)
    8 KOI8U KOI8-U KOI8-Ukraine (RFC2319)
  S LATIN1-ISO ISO-8859-1 ISO 8859-1 Latin Alphabet 1
  S LATIN2-ISO ISO-8859-2 ISO 8859-2 Latin Alphabet 2 East Europe
      S LATIN3-ISO ISO-8859-3 ISO 8859-3 Latin Alphabet 3 Sourth Europe
      S LATIN4-ISO ISO 8859-4 ISO 8859-4 Latin Alphabet 4 Baltic
      S LATIN5-ISO ISO-8859-9 ISO 8859-9 Latin-5 Turkish
      S LATIN6-ISO ISO-8859-10 ISO 8859-10 Latin Alphabet 6 Nordic
  S LATIN9-ISO ISO-8859-15 ISO 8859-15 Latin Alphabet 9 French Finnish Estonian
    8 MACINTOSH-LATIN   Similar to Icelandic Quickdraw
    8 MAZOVIA   Polish PC code page
    8 NEXTSTEP   The NeXTSTEP character set
    7 NORWEGIAN ISO646-NO ISO 646 Norwegian Version
    7 PORTUGUESE ISO646-PT ISO 646 Portuguese Version
      S QNX-CONSOLE   Similar to CP437
      M,P SHIFT-JIS-KANJI SHIFT_JIS PC Code 982 (Japanese)
    7 SHORT-KOI   Uppercase-Only Roman/Cyrillic
      B SNI-BRACKETS   Siemens Nixdorf Brackets
      8 SNI-EURO   Siemens Nixdorf European
      B SNI-FACET   Siemens Nixdorf Facet
      B SNI-IBM   Siemens Nixdorf Code Page characters
    7 SPANISH ISO646-ES ISO 646 Spanish Version
    7 SWEDISH ISO646-SE ISO 646 Swedish Version
    7 SWISS   Switzerland NRC
      N/A TRANSPARENT   (No translation)
  U UCS2 UCS-2 Unicode (ISO 10646) UCS-2
    U UTF8 UTF-8 Unicode (ISO 10646) UTF-8
F T L R Type Kermit Name MIME Name Description


F Can Be a File Character-Set and/or an FTP Server-Character-Set
T Can Be a Transfer Character-Set
L Can Be a Terminal Local-Character-Set
R Can Be a Terminal Remote-Character-Set
7 Other 7-bit character set such as ISO 646 national sets
S A standard 8-bit character set with US ASCII in the left half
8 A proprietary 8-bit character set that follows standard format
P A PC Code page, ASCII in left half, graphics in C0 and C1
W A Windows code page, like an ISO 8859 character set but with graphics in C1
B A special set for Box and Line drawing or technical symbols, etc.
M A multibyte character set
U The Universal character set (Unicode, ISO 10646)
PC Personal Computer
CP PC Code Page
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
NRC DEC National Replacement Character set
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
ISO International Standards Organization
JIS Japanese Industrial Standards, 日本産業規格
ELOT (ΕΛΟΤ) Greek standards organization, Ελληνικός Οργανισμός Τυποποίησης
GOST (ГОСТ)    The national standards institute of the Soviet Union, which lives on as РОССТАНДАРТ

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