Van Cortlandt Park - Photo #1


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Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx NY: Aerial view from Google Maps with annotations added to indicate confirmed and possible New Deal sites:

It is very likely that throughout the years 1934-43, besides the specific projects listed above, the relief workers of the Parks Department were busy with the infrastructure of the park as a whole — paths, lighting, drainage, drinking fountains, pest control[1], routine maintenance — just as they were in every New York City park.


  1. NYC Parks Dept press release of January 17, 1936: “Van Cortlandt Park and vicinity were thoroughly gone over to detect the presence of Gypsy Moth, one of our most destructive pests. This work was done under the direction of the State Conservation Department. About two hundred acres of woodland were fine-combed and approximately thirty thousand, shade trees inspected in parks and along streets, resulting in an application of fifty thousand pounds of arsenate of lead to eradicate the pest.”
  2. New Deal Assistance in NYC Parks Department Projects, 1934-43.