Van Cortlandt Park - Photo #40 - Van Cortlandt Golf Course


Van Cortlandt Golf Course occupies the center of Van Cortlandt Park. When it opened in 1895, it was the nation's first municipal golf course, and the first one open to the public. Worked on and ultimately heavily modified by the Parks Department using New Deal funding and relief labor, 1936-1941.


  1. Van Cortlandt Park History, New York City Department of Parks website.
  2. NYC Parks Dept press release of May 7, 1936: “Van Cortlandt and Mosholu [golf courses] in the Bronx ... have been reconditioned and remodeled to some extent. All this work has been done with relief funds provided by the C.W.A., T.E.R.A. and W.P.A.”
  3. NYC Parks Dept press release of October 21, 1941: “Department of Parks announces the completion of work in connection with the construction of a traffic relief road connecting Mosholu Avenue and the Henry Hudson Parkway and the restoration of the park and golf course in the north central section of Van Cortlandt Park, The Bronx. Extensive alterations to the Van Cortlandt Golf Course were necessary. Six holes were completely reconstructed on the north end of the Van Cortlandt Park "Flats". The sections of the old fairways supporting satisfactory turf were undistrubed. Worn surfaces together with the sections disturbed by grading operations were also topsoiled and seeded. These six new well trapped holes were provided with broad, sloping greens sodded with Astoria and Seaside Bent. Parallel fairways have been effectively demarcated by groupings of 3 inch to 5 inch caliper pin oaks.”
  4. New Deal Assistance in NYC Parks Department Projects, 1934-43.