New Mexico New Deal Sites November 2018 - Photo #259 - Albuquerque Coronado School

Photo: 12 November 2018
Coronado School, State of New Mexico plaque, which says:
A Registered Cultural Property, State of New Mexico: Coronado School. Built 1937, A federal Public Works Administration project built during the Great Depression, Louis G. Hesselden, architect. Site No.1644.
and a Public Works Administration plaque, which says:
Coronada School - Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works Project No. N.M. 1017-R.
"Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works" (FEAPW) was the original name for the Public Works Administration (PWA).
  1. Edna Heatherington Bergman, Louis Hesselden, NMA July-August 1978, University of Mexico Digital Repository, accessed 29 November 2018. Louis Hesselden was the architect who was paid by the WPA to design this school.