New Mexico New Deal Sites November 2018 - Photo #111 - Albuquerque State Fair Grounds

Photo: 11 November 2018
New Mexico State Fairgrounds: The Beef Barn, a WPA creation[1].
  1. State Fair Here in 1938 Assured, Albuquerque Journal, May 5, 1938, p.1: "About one-third of the three-year program has been completed, [Frank] Shufflebarger [chairman of State Fair Commission] said. The ... buildings for display of livestock will be entirely completed." (Such as the Beef Barn)
  2. Leslie Linthicum, "New Mexico Got Hefty Federal Funds for Depression-Era Programs, Changing the State Forever", Albuquerque Journal, 30 March 2008: "[FDR's] solution [to the problems of the Great Depression] was a sweeping collection of programs known as the New Deal ... The New Deal left an especially meaningful mark on New Mexico. [It] built ... unforgettable parts of the landscape [such as] many of the New Mexico State Fair buildings..." (So the work was done by the New Deal.)