New Mexico New Deal Sites November 2018 - Photo #28 - New Mexico Tech buildings

Photo: 8 November 2018.
Plaques in the entrance of the Assay Laboratory, New Mexico Tech. Top:
FEDERAL EMERGENCY ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC WORKS franklin d. roosevelt president of the united states harold l. ickes administrator of public works ASSAY LABORATORY NEW MEXICO SCHOOL OF MINES 1939
ASSAY LABORATORY erected 1939 — HON. HOHN E. MILES governor REGENTS GARNETT R. BURKS president FRED HUNING secretary & treasurer J.O. GALLEGOS J.T. MATSON MRS. R.H. COLEMAN C.E. NEEDHAM, PH. D. E.H. WELLS president of the faculty — BRITTELLE & GINNER architects POWELL & GOLDENBERG consulting engineers ED F. BRIDGEMAN contractor