New Mexico New Deal Sites November 2018 - Photo #19 - New Mexico Tech buildings

Photo: 8 November 2018.
New Mexico Tech, Official Scenic Historical Marker. Its Soccoro, New Mexico, campus is home to at least five buildings built by the New Deal [1,2,3]:
  1. Gymnasium (FEAPW 1936)
  2. Fitch Hall (FEAPW 1937)
  3. Assay Laboratory (FEAPW 1938)
  4. Presidents Hall (FEAPW 1939)
  5. Weir Hall (WPA 1939)

Living New Deal also lists[4]:

  1. Brown Hall (remodeled by PWA in 1938)
  2. Cramer Hall (remodeled by PWA in 1938)
  3. Athletic field (developed by WPA)
  4. Carpentry shop (developed by WPA)
  5. Socorro CCC Camp buildings built by WPA were moved to campus in 1939 for temporary Bureau of Mines Offices
FEAPW = Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works[5];
WPA = Works Progress Administration; (after 1938) Work (or Works) Projects Administration.

Originally the New Mexico School of Mines, its formal name is now New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

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