Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #88 - Other Pools and Play Centers

The WPA-built John Jay Pool and a closer look at the Pavilion which was modified by WPA workers. In fact the pavilion was previously the Cherokee Place Public Bath building, full of tubs and showers, fallen into disuse once most people had running water in their apartments. It was redesigned by Embury as a bathhouse and recreation center, with gymnasium, recreation rooms, and showers[1]. And according to Wikipedia[2], an auditorium.
  1. New York City Record, 4390, 22 July 1941, pp.12-13: "Communication, dated January 10, 1941, requesting that balances of funds from appropriations made in 1938 for the reconstruction of nine bathhouses in Manhattan be combined into one fund and made available to the WPA for the reconstruction of the Cherokee place baths, for the payment of architect's services for the alteration of the building and for work in John Jay Park, and to permit the Comptroller to settle out-standing accounts in connection with the nine bath houses. ... The construction work at Cherokee place baths and John Jay Park will be done under a WPA project, now included in the WPA program, and will be financed from relief funds. Costs for the period to June 30, 1941 will be met from available relief funds, $35,000, heretofore appropriated as sponsors contribution for the WPA, and re-leased by the WPA for this purpose. ... The proposed contract to secure architectural services of Aymar Embury, II, is for the preparation of complete plans, specifications, etc., for the alterations to the Cherokee place public bath building ... The Cherokee place bathhouse, erected about 35 years ago, is a two-story brick and stone building located at 76th street and Cherokee place directly opposite the south-west corner of John Jay Park. It is equipped for shower and tub baths only and when built served the immediate neighborhood and was well patronized. Today, however, not many of the residents avail themselves of these facilities and the Department proposes to renovate and reconstruct the bathhouse to provide gymnasium, recreation room, showers, etc. Such a change would be desirable and would greatly increase the number of people using the building."
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