Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #162 - Building renovations with Embury as architect

Photo: Harlemworld Magazine
125th Street Ferry token
Ferry token
Claremont Inn, which was situated in Riverside Park just north of Grant's Tomb (center). Built as a residence about 1806, it had a long and varied history. Eventually it became an inn, but its fortunes declined over the years of Prohibition until, after repeal, it was rebuilt by the WPA in 1934; architect: Aymar Embur II. It served as a watering hole for Columbia University faculty until 1949 when it burned down; professors who lived in New Jersey would stop in on their way to the Edgewater ferry at 125th Street.
  1. NYC Parks Department press release, 29 October 1934: "Claremont Inn on Riverside Drive has been renovated and opened as a popular priced restaurant."
  2. NYC Parks Department press release, 30 April, 1937: "The Department of Parks announces that the ... Claremont Restaurant will reopen on May 1st ... The historic Claremont was built in 1806, and is recognized as one of New York's landmarks, overlooking the Hudson River on Riverside Drive north of Grant's Tomb. The exterior has been repainted and the interior has been renovated. It will open on May 1st at 6:30 P.M., for dinner. A new cocktail bar has been provided and the indoor seating capacity increased, considerably. Luncheon will be $1.00, dinner $1.50, special supper $1.00, and breakfast on Sundays until 1 P.M., 50 cts. and up. At both locations tree-shaded outdoor dining terraces, with their gay sun umbrellas, will be much more attractive than in former years. The trees and flowering shrubs planted three years ago are now fully established and will soon be blooming profusely. Entertainment in the form of music and dancing will be provided nightly."
  3. Variety of Buildings Planned in the City, New York Times, 23 May 1935: "Manhattan .. Alterations .. Riverside Park, opposite North Riverside Drive, 224 feet south of Tiemann Pl. (Claremont Inn); to offices and restaurant, Department of Parks, City of New York; Aymar Embury II, architect; cost, $4,475."
  4. The Lost Claremont Inn - Riverside Drive and 124th Street, daytoninmanhattan.blogspot.com, 17 July 2017: a history of Claremont Inn.