NYC New Deal Ships - Photo #6

Photo:  US Navy via Wikipedia

Coast Guard Cutter USCGC John C. Spencer WPG-36

This Treasury Class cutter was built at Brooklyn Navy Yard 1935-1937, served in the Pacific during World War II as a convoy escort and in the Altantic as a U-boat hunter, sinking one (U-175) in 1943. Continued to serve until January 1974, sold for scrap in 1981.
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  2. 800 to Get Jobs at Navy Yard on PWA's Contract, New York Daily News 29 Jan 1934, Brooklyn Section p.1: "The [Brooklyn Navy] yard is to build two Coast Guard cruising cutters. The amount involved is more than $3,000,000 and the funds are to come from PWA. The work at its peak will provide employment for 800 men and last for nearly two years." These were the Alexander Hamilton and the John C. Spencer, which were the only two Coast Guard cutters built at BNY during the New Deal.