Brooklyn Navy Yard - Photo #41 - Shipuilding and repair

Photo: US Navy
Brooklyn Navy Yard's 350-ton hammerhead crane for installing turrets and guns aboard the new battleships. This crane, like its counterpart at Norfolk, was of the turn-table type, rather than a pintle frame. The crane was provided with two main 175-ton trolleys, arranged in tandem on a single track, which could be operated independently or jointly, an auxiliary 50-ton trolley, with a reach of 190 feet, and an auxiliary crane of 15-ton capacity traveling on top of the main rotor or hammerhead. These installations gave these cranes a capacity of 350 tons at 115 feet reach, 175 tons at 150 feet, 50 tons at 190 feet, and 15 tons at an extreme reach of 240 feet[10].

The crane was used for placing turrets and massive gunbarrels on the decks of big warships. According to a page at today's Brooklyn Navy Yard website[1], the Hammerhead Crane was paid for out of an appropriation of $20 million dollars of public works funds through the Naval Appropriation Act of 1938. This is not super-clear or super-reliable information, but it's a lead to be followed up. The 1938 Times article[2] includes the crane in a list of other projects that are known to be New Deal, e.g. turret assembly facility and improve shipbuilding ways: both WPA. Also, bear in mind: this is 1938, when congress was still reluctant to appropriate big military budgets.

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  3. Navy Yard Here Dooms Big Crane, New York Times, 25 Nov 1962, p.239: "The big crane was built at a cost of $938,000 in 1941 ... It was erected on 1,700-foot-long Pier G — the best and longest pier at the yard — for one specific reason; to lift gun turrets and barbettes (turret bases) for battleships." Here again, no mention is made of the original funding source.