Brooklyn Navy Yard - Photo #32 - People

Photo: New York Times[1]
Shift change at the Brooklyn Navy Yard: "The day's work done, these new apprentices start for home in slacks and shirts".[1]
  1. First Girls at Navy Yard Like Their Jobs as Helpers, New York Times, Sunday 20 Sep 1942, Section D, p.4: "Trained by the Government to Do Many Essential Tasks, They Take Their Places Alongside Men annd Speed Warship Construction. The girls of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, who have gone to work to help shipfitters, loftsman and welders ... are 200 strong now and growing." The article did not mention which government agency trained them, but we do know the New Deal National Youth Administration ran a massive training program for shipbuilders. As time went on the number of women increased and eventually they were allowed to do all jobs (see this page).