Kermit 95 host mode lets you upload and download files in your own
    private directory, and it lets all host-mode users download files
    from the PUBLIC directory and upload files to the INCOMING directory.

    You may switch among these three areas using "Change directory" on
    the main menu, and you may also view directory listings and type
    files in any of the three directories.

    Works best with real Kermit software; for automatic upload and
    download "set terminal apc on".  Special keys:

      Backspace or rubout  Delete the rightmost character
      Ctrl-U               Delete everything back to the prompt
      Ctrl-C               Return immediately to the main menu
      Ctrl-L               Refresh the screen

    For further information, see the HOSTUSER.DOC file in the PUBLIC
    directory.  Be sure to log out when you are finished.