Dialing Directory Format

The dialing and networks directories are described thoroughly in Chapter 5 of Using C-Kermit.

Very briefly . . . A dialing directory is a plain-text file containing one or more entries. You can create or edit directory files with any text editor that handles plain-text files: Notepad, Wordpad, or EDIT in Windows; ED or EDIT in OS/2. Or with EMACS if you have it.

Each entry is on a line by itself and has the following simple format:

  name   phone-number   ; optional comment


ATTmail +1 (800) 624 5123 ; AT&T Mail (Easylink), USA ATTmail +1 (416) 502 3000 ; AT&T Mail (Easylink), Canada ATTmail +81 3 5568 9134 ; AT&T Mail (Easylink), Japan ATTmail +852 3003 4900 ; AT&T Mail (Easylink), Hong Kong ATTmail +44 (71) 537 4121 ; AT&T Mail (Easylink), UK

This shows how the same name can be associated with multiple phone numbers. Comments are optional and begin with a semicolon preceded by at least one space, or else at the beginning of the line. Spacing is free-form. The only requirements are that the name must contain no spaces or tabs (or if it does, it must be enclosed in braces) and at least one space or tab must separate the name from the telephone number.

The phone-number may be in literal or portable format. Numbers starting with + are portable and must include a country code. Parentheses, hyphens, periods, and slashes within a phone number are ignored. You may include special dialing instructions for your modem in the phone number, such as comma to insert a pause.

In a network directory, a network type and host name or address appears instead of the phone number, possibly followed by additional network-specific information, for example

CompuServe tcp/ip compuserve.com Delphi tcp/ip delphi.com Dow-Jones tcp/ip djnr.dowjones.com Weather tcp/ip madlab.sprl.umich.edu 3000 Weather tcp/ip wind.atmos.uah.edu 3000

You can find sample directory files in Kermit 95's PHONES subdirectory.

Please consult Using C-Kermit, Chapter 5, for a complete explanation of telephone numbers, dialing procedures, and the dialing and network directories.

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