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This area contains versions of historic Kermit programs that were found or updated after the Kermit Project moved from Columbia University to kermitproject.org in October 2011. Plus, as of November 2021, development releases of a forthcoming new C-Kermit release.

New Kermit-20 for DECSYSTEM-20 releases
Installed: April-Nov 2023
Credit: Tom DeBellis
Files: https://www.kermitproject.org/kermit-20.html

C-Kermit 10.0 Beta test (Unix, VMS, Windows, OS/2)
Installed: 2022-2024
Credit: Kermit Project
Files: https://kermitproject.org/ckdaily.html

C-Kermit 4.0(025) (the first C-Kermit release, 5 February 1985)
Installed: 2020/04/22
Credit: Warner Losh
Files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/ckermit40.html

C-Kermit 4.2(030)
Installed: 2016/01/28
Credit: Oliver Lehmann
Files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/ckermit42.html

C-Kermit 4C(057)
Installed: 2021/04/22
Credit: Jeff Johnson
Files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/ckermit4c.html

Acorn BBC Micro Kermit 1.46
Installed: 2013/09/04
Reference: http://mdfs.net/Software/Comms/Kermit
Text files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/historic-bbcmicro.html
Zip archive: https://kermitproject.org/ftp/kermit/archives/bbc146.zip (249448 bytes)

ITS Kermit for MIT's Incompatible Timesharing System 1967-1990
Installed: 2017/01/14
Updated: 2021/05/03 (missing common.88 file added, thanks to Lars Brinkhoff)
Reference: ITS Kermit on the PDP-10 page
Text files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/historic-its.html
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