Kermit FAQ - Where is the Dialing Script for My Modem?

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35 Where is the Dialing Script for My Modem?

C-Kermit and Kermit 95 do not use dialing scripts; their modem support is built in. To see a list of the modems supported, type:

set modem type ?
at the prompt. If your modem is not listed, then (a) maybe one of the other modem types will work ("generic-high-speed" is usually a good guess), and (b) you can install your own modem definition as described on pages 90-92 of Using C-Kermit; this, of course, requires knowledge of how to operate your modem, which comes from reading the manual (if any) that came with it.

MS-DOS Kermit, on the other hand, uses dialing scripts, one per modem type. The ones we have are in the MODEMS subdirectory of your MS-DOS Kermit directory. If you don't see one there for your modem, it is easy to adapt one of the existing ones. Just use a text editor to change the modem-specific commands to the ones for your modem; consult your modem manual to find out what its commands are.

In either case, if you have added support for a new modem, please send your new definitions or script back to us, along with a complete description of your modem's manufacturer, name, model designation, and features (modulation, error correction and compression protocols, etc), so we can make them available to others.

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