Kermit FAQ - How Can I Make the DIAL/REDIAL Commands Keep Trying?

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14 How Can I Make the DIAL/REDIAL Commands Keep Trying?

In Kermit 95, just click on the appropriate boxes in the graphical Dialer (Options -> Dialing -> Procedures), or use the following commands at the command prompt:

K-95> set dial retries 30   (How many times to redial)
K-95> set dial interval 20  (How long to wait between tries)
K-95> dial 5551212

In C-Kermit 6.0, use the "set dial retries" and "set dial interval" commands shown above.

In MS-DOS Kermit, the DIAL command is defined in the MSKERMIT.INI file, and it does indeed retry the call several times. REDIAL is also a macro, which simply invokes the DIAL macro with the number most recently dialed; hence it, too, tries the number several times. If you want to change the number of times that the DIAL macro tries, or the conditions under which it retries, or the interval between tries, simply edit the DIAL macro definition in MSKERMIT.INI.

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