Van Cortlandt Park - Photo #29 - Van Cortlandt Parade Ground


This is a very WPA-looking field house and/or comfort station at the southern edge of the Parade Ground, next to Van Cortlandt mansion. There are no records that refer to this building explicitly, but a Parks Department press release of March 14, 1935[1], says:
The Department of Parks is carrying on an extensive campaign of comfort station renovation. Seventy-five per cent of these buildings were in poor condition and in need of repair at the advent of the new administration. It will be necessary, in many cases, to erect entirely new buildings to replace the antiquated and temporary types of shelter in various parks. Many of these buildings were erected in the late nineties and are still in use. They are constructed of wood ... Plans are in progress to renovate the comfort stations in the following parks in the near future: ... Van Cortlandt Park - two.


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