Misc Virginia PWA Projects - Photo #9

The Richmond Museum of Art. Interior “Before the erection of this art museum, the city of Richmond had no building suitable for the exhibition and storage of works of art. The structure is placed on the grounds of the soldiers' home and the area surrounding it has been landscaped with lawns and planting. The building is fireproof and is approximately 120 by 134 feet in plan. It is constructed of steel and reinforced concrete and the exterior walls are faced with stone up the second floor level and with a red Virginia brick trimmed with stone above that. The project was completed in November 1936. Its total cast was $287,974, of which $76,523 was provided by the P.W.A., the remainder being a grant provided by the Virginia Arts Commission.”[1]
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  2. Public Works Administration Dockets for Virginia 1934-1939, 3 January 1940: Docket Number 3551.
Photos from C.W. Short, U.S. Federal Works Agency Public Buildings (1939).