Hampton Virginia New Deal Projects - Photo #1 - Phoebus Post Office

Phoebus Post Office, Hampton, Virginia. Interior, photographed May 31, 2017. Unlike most 1930s Post Offices, this one's interior is virtually unchanged since it it was built. The woodwork, the vestibule, the glass-cased wood-frame bulletin boards, the marble wainscotting and trim, and the Depression-era mural Chesapeake Fishermen by William H. Calfee[1,2]. It's like going back in time.
  1. William H. Calfee Foundation. “During the Great Depression he produced murals for the Fine Arts Section of the Department of the Interior. The murals can be found today in a number of post offices in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.”
  2. Smithsonian Institution, William H. Calfee papers, 1937-1982: ”Painter, sculptor; Washington, D.C. area. Calfee worked on WPA mural projects for post offices in the 1930s. He was chair of the art dept. at American University, 1945-1954.”
  3. Raynor, Patricia, New Deal Post Office Murals, Off The Wall Volume 6, Issue 4, October-December 1997, Smithsonian National Postal Museum.
Photos by George and Connie Gilmer, taken May-August 2017.