Hampton Virginia New Deal Projects - Photo #85 - Buckroe Water Tank

Buckroe Elevated Water Tank in the Fox Hill section of Hampton, Virginia, near Old Buckroe Road and Manilla Lane, photo: August 1, 2017. Exact year of construction unknown; most likely between 1934 and 1939. Exact capacity unknown but it's less than a million gallons. “Primary additions to the Distribution System were a 12" main on Mallory Avenue in Hampton from Wine Street to Poor House Road, and the extension of an 8" pipe from Buckroe through Foxhill and the construction of an elevated tank at Foxhill. The later[sic] was financed by a 45% PWA grant.“[1] As of July 2017 this tank is still in operation but according to Newport News Waterworks[3] it is slated for demolition.
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  2. Public Works Administration Dockets 1934-1939 p.119. This site might have been part of PWA Docket #1731, "Waterworks", completed October 27, 1934.
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  4. For more about the partnership between Newport News Waterworks and the federal Public Works Adminstration, see this page.
Photos by George and Connie Gilmer, taken May-August 2017.